Monday, July 25, 2016

Life of an Engineer!!

The upshot? Google has terrific benefits and opportunities, but no matter what, to be a great engineer, you need to enjoy your work. When I enjoy my work (like now), my day goes more like:

1. Wake up (no alarm) and start thinking about that problem I've been mulling over since last week...
2. Shower, make breakfast, play with possible solutions in my head...
3. Drive to work, trying not to be distracted by that elegant solution I just came up with...
4. Get to work, check for important emails, leave the rest for later (or ignore them)
5. Meet with some other engineers to work on the design of our project.
6. Take a break, read some of the less urgent email; maybe check Quora or some other internet activity.
7. Start implementing that elegant solution...
... oh, crap, lunchtime's almost over!
8. Grab lunch to go, hurry back to my desk

9. Test my solution, fix some minor issues, and find someone to show it to.
10. Get some reviews on my code and tests.
11. Take a break for exercise. (I skip this one far too frequently. I need to work on that.)
12. Tackle another problem from my backlog, or maybe something new that I just came up with, if the backlog isn't too urgent...
13. Force myself to leave, because I love my wife even more than my work... and I'm getting hungry, and there's something I promised I'd make for dinner...
14. Make dinner, eat, maybe watch some television with my wife.
15. Think about what I'm working on while I'm cleaning up after dinner.
16. Bedtime. Eventually, sleep.
17. Loop.